How to Register in Globe's SUPERSURF50 (1 Day Unlimited Surf)

Posted: Saturday, March 5, 2011 by shyke_lady in Labels: , , ,

Below are the Process on How to Register in Globe's SuperSurf50 (Super Surf 50)

One of the Unlimited Surf Services that the Globe Network offers is the SUPERSURFF50.  This is a one day unlimited internet surfing.

FIRST TIP: Always remember to track the time you 've registered on the promo.  You will use this time to trace if you've already reached the 24 hours. Disconnect your tattoo 2 minutes before the time you will expire so that you will not exceed in the 24 hours you've paid, because if not, 5 pesos will be deducted in your load. How? Because maybe you will received the expiration message late. Be smart even though you use globe because globe is also smart.

To register:
TYPE: SUPERSURF50 and send to 8888

To check your status:
TPYE: SUPERSURF_STATUS and send to 8888

After the registration you w must receive this message which is an indication that you're already registered to the said promo.

"U r now registered to SUPERSURF50, good for 1 day using your Mobile Phone or Globe Tattoo Broadband USB. This product is suited for moderate use only, subject to Globe Fair Use Policy. For more details please visit Shd maintain P5 to continue using the svc. Phone GPRS/MMS not configured yet? Txt GO <Handset Model> to 2951 for FREE. Save all settings u will rcv. To check ur status, txt SUPERSURF STATUS to 8888 for FREE.Promo til 8/31/10. DTINCR 2331. Series of 2010."

LAST TIP: Refrain from downloading heavy files such as video, music etc.. This promo is subject under network policy where in you are only allowed to receive 800MB of data. If you exceed, you cannot surf anymore. You need to cancel the service and register. As what I've said be smart even though you use globe because globe is also smart.


  1. hey , can i also register just using my android phone ?? without any application from globe?? i mean just using a tattoo sim card and register in txt message ??